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What happens when beach reads get uppity

Blame it on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Julia Keller. It was a steamy 2009 Chicago summer when she encouraged us to read a book over summer vacation. It should be something light on plot and a bit savory and it … Continue reading

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Pandemonium Swamp

Prologue  For a year now I haven’t told anyone what I saw out there, except Fay. Fay is my editor and she was there for the end of it. Nothing that happened out there was rational. Nothing made sense. But … Continue reading

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Headlines from The West Burville Gazette: Merry Christmas Edition

A Message from The Editor: The first snowfall (the one before the snow gets up to your keister and the car won’t start) kicks off the preparations for the holiday season in Piney Woods County, stuck way up here in … Continue reading

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Headlines from The West Burville Gazette: it’s gonna be a hot one, folks!

August is a strange month in northeastern Vermont, one day it’s on the sunnyside of 90 and the next you’re pulling out the turtlenecks. If you happen to be in West Burville you might consider a slice of Linda Mae’s … Continue reading

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The transcendental heart

If you read Indie Albany on a regular basis you might have noticed that I’m something of the black sheep of the family. First, I write then I just stop. I’m like the “off” ox on the team. It’s not a … Continue reading

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A week of Sundays

My grandmother, a rather short ornery woman from a town that’s long been underwater in central Vermont, used to remind us that her “get up and go got up and went” whenever a spate of hard work needed to get … Continue reading

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Headlines from The West Burville Gazette/Christmas Eve Edition

It was finally here, Christmas Eve in West Burville. After a couple of days of coming up dry, the Counter Dwellers were facing a dilemma… Linda Mae stood there. The Counter Dwellers sat there. No one said anything. Hooter thought … Continue reading

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