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How two Brits killed Christmas

VIGILANT parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, teachers and strangers, with or without candy, you are now green lighted to tell children there is no Santa Claus. No jolly fat man. No rosy cheeked harbinger of the holiday season. Nothing. There … Continue reading

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Off to see the wizard

When you can’t drink anything after midnight and you don’t get liquids until around 5 the next afternoon, you develop a very small agenda: go to hospital, get fixed, drink something. You might also bargain with yourself to do bad … Continue reading

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The transcendental heart

If you read Indie Albany on a regular basis you might have noticed that I’m something of the black sheep of the family. First, I write then I just stop. I’m like the “off” ox on the team. It’s not a … Continue reading

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The flu makes no friends

This past week I’ve been lying in bed sneezing into a hankie and moaning. I’ve been on the mean streets of my second flu-bronchitis-near-death experience this winter. Having a lot of down time, and a high fever, makes for some … Continue reading

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