A front row seat at the Pearly Gates: 2018 is coming

Elizabeth Warren was right on when she said she hoped that Republicans would donate their bodies to science so that, when they were cut open, we could end the speculation about whether or not they have a heart. I don’t think we need to wait that long. We found out who has a cardiovascular system on May 4.

For the Republicans in the House who did not answer Paul Ryan’s siren call to screw millions of Americans out of healthcare or throw them into the arms of insurers, I salute you. There were only eight and two were from New York, John Katko, R-NY24 and Dan Donovan, R-NY11.

The rest of this smug Republican crowd voted to gut national healthcare. The smiling pictures of Paul Ryan and his toadies rubbing their hands and giggling over their actions is revolting. The Affordable Care Act was flawed but negotiation, collaboration, compassion and decency could have changed provisions of the Act that would have refined the existing law.

The lie is that a pre-existing condition will not disqualify anyone but what it will mean is potential premiums that will likely triple for elder Americans and range into the thousands for those who are ill. I defer to a higher Judge to settle this crowd when they arrive at the Pearly Gates.

And to those Republicans in Congress and the Senate who have compared those with pre-existing conditions to burned houses or who callously threw away those Americans and their families by telling them they can move away from their homes if they want insurance or boldly said that their lack of morals or some character flaw caused their illness, I condemn you. I’m not mincing words here: you are evil. You do not deserve the honor of elective office.

But this is what will happen: no one who voted for Trump and this madness will give a damn, will see this as the horror show it is until it knocks on their door and they have to deal with the illness of a loved one or themselves or until some illness from an earlier part of their life comes back to haunt them. It’s OK to not hold anyone in Washington accountable for what they do in another state but when it parks itself in your driveway, game on.

The United States is the only economic power that does not have national healthcare. All of our allies have it. All of them. By 1995 all of those countries had embraced a national healthcare system as the right of all their citizens. The United States also leads the world’s developed countries in infant mortality. There just might be a correlation.

When I listen to New York’s Republican Congressional delegation, with the exception of Mr. Katko and Mr. Donovan, yak on about how we just don’t understand how terrific this is and how they’re just trying to save us from ourselves, I think about how oily politicians can be in order to keep their place in the limelight. If you associate with your colleagues who call us names and dismiss us then you are no better than they are. You are known by the company you keep.

We can change that in 2018. It may seem far away but it isn’t. Every seat in the Senate and House of Representatives will be up for grabs. Every seat. There is a chance here to change business as usual. To bring humanity, courage and common sense back to elected office.

But you have to vote. Trust me, it won’t happen if you expect someone else to do it.

There are deaf ears in Washington where Republicans laugh at our anger and vote for legislation that destroys the fabric of our country. It’s a real party down there. But not for long.

2018 is coming…

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Hanging a few lanterns in the darkness. Let me know how it's going.
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