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Weather Report from Never Never Land: the Election

The last of the Presidential debates for this election go around is tonight and Americans will have to decide between Monday night football or a different kind of football. Back in Lincoln’s day, a Presidential debate had no moderator and … Continue reading

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D Day

As you get older recent memory becomes as elusive as sleep and old memories, or the borrowed memories of others, become new again. Remembering D Day on this June 6. I write a lot about soldiers and veterans and war. … Continue reading

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Troy drops the ball again

I’ve had it. What’s up with Troy? I live here, pay exorbitant rent that single-handedly covers property taxes, admire the Fire Department and believe the Troy Police do a terrific job in a hard town…and think the City Council and … Continue reading

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Birds and fish and crabs, oh my!

No, really. I shouldn’t laugh. But some of us cope a bit better with nervous laughter. Mine is getting a little wild about now. I mean, what in hell is going on here? First it was Arkansas, which was gross … Continue reading

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