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Can we talk about pie and world peace?

Can we talk about pies? It’s the week for pies, not that every week isn’t a week for a slice of pie, but Thanksgiving seems to bring out the latent baker in just about everyone. There is a subset of … Continue reading

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The Sunday Dinner Incident

Mom and Grandma didn’t see eye to eye: pasta wars edition
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This is the last word on that: fruitcakes and politics

No matter what political firestorms blow over the landscape, at this time of year fruitcake cancels them out. That might not be true but fruitcake has gotten a bad rap over the centuries. The Romans carried a concoction of barley … Continue reading

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The Constant Pie or How I Escaped Reform School

It might be a good idea to explain this early on.  Someplace in the jungle of my early childhood there was really only one civilizing factor that saved me from reform school. It wasn’t the swat off the back of … Continue reading

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I feel I must remind you again…and again…and…

If you come to visit me, and I hope you will, I must forewarn you: I like fruitcake. Perhaps you remember my confession last year or perhaps not. Never mind. Last year, this year…it’s all the same. When Christmas rolls … Continue reading

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A Bag Full of Mystery

The better part of my life over the past three weeks has been spent looking for jelly beans. Not those gor-may kind. The ones I’m talking about are orange and black. Just orange and just black and they’re mixed together … Continue reading

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Somebody had to write this post

We interrupt the chronicling of the strange events up in West Burville, VT, to chortle over that most luscious of holiday treats (c’mon, you know what’s coming), the fruit-filled, teeth vibrating, gummy mass-‘o-love called the Fruitcake. There. It had to … Continue reading

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