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What happens when beach reads get uppity

Blame it on Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Julia Keller. It was a steamy 2009 Chicago summer when she encouraged us to read a book over summer vacation. It should be something light on plot and a bit savory and it … Continue reading

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Once upon a time on the Allagash…

A few years ago a friend of mine, an avid backwash fly fisherman, got himself into a pile of trouble up in the Allagash wilderness. For those who don’t know where the Allagash is, it’s in the remote northern part … Continue reading

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FLASH! Girl power lifts Santa’s sleigh

Let’s talk about this right now: Santa’s sleigh is girl powered! All your life you believed Santa’s sleigh was pulled by tough, male reindeer. Am I right? The fact is female reindeer don’t shed their antlers in winter. The males … Continue reading

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A small praise of Great White Sharks

What’s grey and white and has 300 teeth? It takes a lot to get me past first gear. Sharks do it. They do it for most people. They stir up some primordial stew in our subconscious. Take the young blonde … Continue reading

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The driveway in Winter

I know a woman who bought a house when the leaves were green and the birdies were singing. The house is on a hill. A steep hill. Yes, admire the view. Yes, extol the beauty of seeing the rain cross … Continue reading

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Birds and fish and crabs, oh my!

No, really. I shouldn’t laugh. But some of us cope a bit better with nervous laughter. Mine is getting a little wild about now. I mean, what in hell is going on here? First it was Arkansas, which was gross … Continue reading

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By January we had 10′ down, give or take…

Snow keeps me awake. Big storms, little dustings…it’s all the same. I can’t sleep. It’s like waiting for Santa. I’m crazy for snow. The week I was born, the last week of January, there was 120″ of snow on the … Continue reading

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